Kale is the #1 FREE tool for freelancers

Kale helps freelancers and small companies create & send invoices, track income & expenses and manage their contacts using a free & easy platform!

The #1 Free tool for invoicing and expense management

Forget about any other tool, try Kale for FREE and see how asy you can manage your business.

Complete Invoice Generator

Kale offers a complete & easy invoice editor with automatic VAT, Tax & discount calculations.

Expense Management

Add all your expenses and track every cent you send away with our Free platform.

Contact Management

Have your contacts easily inserted in our app with the specific info and pass them directly to your invoices or expenses.

Easy Platform

Kale built to help freelancers manage their businesses easily. The effort & time you need to manage the application is limited! Get more time to scale your business!

Analytics & Reports

Do you need any info about previous months? We got you covered! With our platform you have any data you need with one click. You can also check the income and expenses by contact. And many more!

Automatic Invoice Send

Have you finalised an invoice? Send it directly to your contact via email so you can get paid. Forget about searching for files to attach in your messages.

Our Pricing Plan

Kale offers a free plan for everyone


  • Unlimited Invoices

  • Unlimited Expenses

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Invoice Sending via Email

  • Use Regardless Your Income

  • 1 Company

  • 24x7 Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Having questions? Read our FAQ and if you cannot find what you want, contact us.


What is Kale?

Kale is a free tool for invoicing, expense & contact management (more to come in the future!). Using our app, freelancers and small bussineses can track their income & expenses, manage their contacts and send invoices easily via email with just one click.


Why use Kale?

If you ever had a problem managing your income and expenses, Kale is here to help you! Kale can help you reduce the time needed to create and send an invoice, manage invoices and expenses, and quickly get reports of previous data by just hitting a button.


How to begin using Kale?

It's very easy! You create a free account using your email and that's it! Then you can start creating contacts, generating invoices and adding expenses even for past data, so you can track them later.


Is it safe for my data to use Kale?

Kale will NEVER share your data with anyone! Period. Data includes your personal info, contact info, invoices, expenses, profits and everything we save in our database.


How much does it cost?

In the time being, Kale offers one, free plan, for everyone. Although we could add more paid plans in the future, we will let you know before even add the changes in our app, so you are informed about the update. Later if you do not want to upgrade to premium, you can continue use our app's free version. Will be always a free version! :)


Kale is free, but are there any secret fees?

There are no secret fees in our app. For every update and change we make you will get informed in time.


How did you came up naming you app Kale?

As dictionaries mention, "Kale is a hardy cabbage (Brassica oleracea acephala) with curled often finely incised leaves that do not form a dense head". But there is more! Long ago, 'kale' was also a slang term for "money"! We needed a small word about expenses and invoicing, so we chose Kale! :)

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